We feel it is important to take this time to answer some of the most common questions that we are asked before a client makes a purchase. If you cannot find your answer here feel free to call us at (304)820-2461.


1. If I purchase engagement on this site can or will it affect my YouTube channel negatively in any way?
    No it will not because you are getting real engagement from real people. We are able to get you more engagement than you are getting on your own     due to the extensive network system we have managed to build over the course of 2+ years.

2. Are the results that I purchase on this site guaranteed to me?
Yes they are. We have a money-back guarantee and will issue a refund to any one of our clients that feel they did not get the results they paid for.

3. Will buying engagement for my channel  on this site really help my YouTube channel?
Absolutely! Because the results you are purchasing  are coming from real people they will have a positive affect on your analytics, which in turn can       boost your ad revenue on your videos and can also promote even more organic growth to your videos after our results are delivered.

4. Why is your site not the cheapest to buy from?
When you buy results from "cheap" sites you are actually buying "botted" (non-human) views. YouTube's advanced algorithms are able to spot this      and will not credit your analytics, your ad revenue, and can possibly ban your channel permanently. We know how hard it is to build a successful            YouTube channel and we do not want to put it at risk. We have spent over two years developing a network and a system to obtain real engagement        for your videos from real people. Also, views you buy from us have an audience retention rate of over 75% which can help boost your ad revenue              tremendously.

5. Is your site the most expensive to buy from?
No it is not. Our price range hovers around the middle of the pack. This is because we value our time and the work we put into developing our                   system. Keep in mind there are only a few sites that offer this service and only a few of these sites (including ours) offer real engagement. 

6. How do I pick which video of mine I want my engagement package to be contributed to?
     After you pick your package there will be a "notes" section during checkout that you are to put your video's URL into. You will do this before your            transaction is finalized.



I was skeptical at first so I only bought 1,000 views. That thousand brought me another 2,400 organically in just 3 days so I decided to scale up. These guys really deliver!”

— Jonathan Muldon